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Daytime dating

Whether you’re looking to impress a new partner or just try something new, a daytime date can be a great way to reinvigorate your love life.No other city in the UK compares to London in terms of the sheer variety of entertainment available.Pay close attention to the profile of your prospective date, and think about what they would like to do.

Tea is served each day from 2.30-5pm in the Quince Restaurant.

This could take many forms, like asking for directions, or commenting on her clothing, or the weather, or a book, or any random comment your heart desires.

If I had to state a preference I would choose indirect, as it keeps the defences low.

It’s a quieter, more relaxed space away from the main dining area, impeccably designed in the traditional Ottoman style.

For a not inconsiderable £41 each, you can enjoy a selection of delectable sandwiches and interesting Quince tea blends along with exotic tarts, perfect English scones and champagne.

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