Eclipse updating indexes hangs

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Eclipse updating indexes hangs

In addition, I suggest to give the weekly builds a try: -site Here the current version is: 0.7.8. According to Igor, these builds are meant to have production quality.On the other hand, I want to bring the project forward and just experienced a nasty lock-up: 296230: Eclipse UI stalls for more than 5 minutes in the main thread executing SVNRemote Storage code the upper right hand corner of the Console, there are a bunch of icons. I had to create the shell script which runs through the repository and extracts all the jar paths and updates the .classpath file.

Googling around let me stumble across a bunch of issues more or less like this, but most of them pretty old so I'm not sure what's the state of this... :) TIA, Kristian Hello Kristian, It seems you have a deadlock, if you do, could you please provide additional notes about it, here's a link how to report a deadlock: ? And if you have to get this done, then this blocks you.Either by m2eclipse to update the dependencies or by subversive to update svn status.But I assume it's subversive as Turning off SVN status cache in the SVN performance settings made this problem go away, i.e.Eclipse provides many features that you'll find yourself unable to live without once you start using it, but it does come with some fairly hefty system requirements.In order to work with a fully indexed Mozilla source tree, Eclipse will use 1-2 GB of RAM.

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it is a controller file, 190 lines long, wide max 200 chars.

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