I want to chat with girl without payment

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I want to chat with girl without payment

I used to but some things happened to make me question certain aspects of my faith. not sure this will go anywhere, but i'll write a few words.

I have tried many other sites for chats but they were not up to my satisfaction.i am buisnessman in delhi last year i was on a trip to munsoorie and got an accident and lost my family i am very unlucky that i m alive my beloved wife left me my life is totally out of gear i dont feel like living anymore i want someone with whome i can share my sorrows and try... I have been single for the last 7 yrs with the exception of...i am kutta i am 40 yearrs, my experience with my sil , she fat long haired big boobs. one day she come to home my wife is goes to school. my parents expect much from me but i am just cheating them i tried hard for geting into iit its one of the premier institute in india but i could nt get in any college then i thought fyn lyk my other frnds even i will pay some lakhs and get in gud college bt my father and my...For some reason tonight my husband and I were talking about "us", mostly him and he called me a trophy wife!!! i am sincere enough but my wife cheated me , i want a friend with whom i can share .i am alone and even prepare food myself from last 4 years. I am 24 years old, and I would just like to share with you a little about myself.I was totally taken aback by his comment and told him I didn't like being called a trophy wife. i am an engineer by profession and a consultant for small scale industry preparing DPRS ,but sometimes i feel verymuch lonelyness. that day I was coming from Warangal in train (that train go to Shiridi), I saw one lady first time in my life But I given my card but till date am not get call. I think this is my heart beet & still hope, and I think she based on Andra hi. The first thing that I’d like to let you know is that I am not a religious person anymore.

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