Julian casablancas and regina spektor dating

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Julian casablancas and regina spektor dating

I felt like my bones were melting, my body felt really unusual - it just wasn't used to that kind of pressure.

They pushed me to my ultimate capacity for detail and patience." Raphael looks physically worn out, reliving this summer's hard labour.

I wanted a shoegazey vibe – and have some of the people not really wanting to be there.

Lead guitar: Django Reinhardt He's gonna do all this fast set work.

Or perhaps you heard her swapping verses with Strokes singer Julian Casablancas on "Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men," the B-side to the group's "Reptilia" single.

Chances are good that those are the only places you've heard her, because until last week, her new album had been sitting on a shelf for more than a year.

I like his psychedelic noodley contributions to many of my favourite Seventies records.

Rhythm guitar: Kurt Cobain I thought it'd be cool to have a crunchy power-chord player.

And after The Strokes had tested out Radiohead's producer, Nigel Godrich, they decided they would rather have Raphael producing their second album, too. But Raphael himself thinks that being The Strokes' producer is an extremely hard job that does not leave much to luck."It is really, really hard to produce a Strokes album.Spektor's third album, Soviet Kitsch, was recorded in New York and London during December 2002.And while she spent 2003 touring and being courted by labels, the record spent the year gathering dust. "I'd make copies and sell them at shows, just to get it out in some form.I'd feel like crap, because some sweet person would come up to me after a show and ask, 'Where can I get your CD?' And I'd say 'Nowhere.' " Well, now the wait is over ... Spektor's label, Sire Records, released the album digitally — via sites like the i Tunes Music Store and Napster — last week, well in advance of the CD's official in-store release in February 2005. (which owns Sire) used when it released the Secret Machines' Now Here Is Nowhere album for free on the Internet earlier this year.

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Instead they chose Jake Scott to shoot the video, which features close shots of the band members' faces, hands and instruments while performing the song.

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