Reasons for dating a swimmer speed dating events in rockford il

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Reasons for dating a swimmer

If you can get past those things, here are 7 reasons you should consider dating a competitive swimmer.

They will go toe to toe with you when it comes to food.

Avoid doing things on days/nights she goes to the pool- Or she will be a grumpy pain in the backside even if you have arranged something awesome for you to do.

So you're not a swimmer and finally got lucky enough to date one..what next? It is our motivation for getting out of bed and suffering through 3 hour practices.

Ultimately, there are two keys to every swimmer’s heart: food, and excellent massage skills. Yes, it’s bizarre that we complain about all the meters we have to swim, and then still do it anyway, but we earned it. If you put them in a place where they have to choose between the sport they love and you, odds are pretty good you won’t like the answer. When we say we are too tired to hang out, we actually are. We don’t need you to obsess over the sport we love, nor do we want you at every one of our practices and meets (it’s great to have a non-swimming element in our life to provide balance, after all).

Between shuffling from morning practice to school, back to practice, and then basically straight to bed, there isn't a whole lot of time for making themselves look awesome.

It’s understandable, with their broad backs, chiseled mid-sections and habit of finding themselves mostly nude. We might not be able to smell it, or notice, or frankly, care, but the smell of chlorine is our natural scent. Suggestions: anywhere that has an all you can eat menu.

We struggle through IM sets together, dance to Drake songs in dryland together, and go to Waffle House after practice.

There’s even a chance we’ve seen each other naked, and no, it’s not weird at all.

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If not goggles, towels- anything swimming related is a hit.

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