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show, there is news outside of the show that is quite alarming.

As those who watch are aware, the show chronicles the life and times of handpicked WWE Divas highlighting factors such as preparing for a match, residential life and romantic status.

Well, there may be another couple to add on this list for next season.

According to F4WOnline via Wrestling Inc.com, Randy Orton and Jo Jo may have commenced a romantic relationship.

“We don’t need people knowing about it or caring what we’re doing – I’m not going to post pictures of us on the internet…

but people berate me no matter what I post on the internet.

Later that year, she released a single called “Hardcore Country,” which made use of her entrance theme.

The first album was independently released, and for her second album, James decided to raise funds on Kickstarter. Xoxo A post shared by Mickie James (@themickiejames) on The two were engaged in December 2014 and married in December 2015. James’ relationship with Magnus was worked into a TNA storyline in 2015.

Unless you are the main guy or the popular guy or unless you have some sort of distinctive characteristics that people are likely to love for a long time, you have no chance of sustaining a long-term career in WWE.

The stunning Canadian revealed she and Dean keep them being together largely on the down low because, as WWE on screen super talents, they come in for a lot of attention on social media.

Speaking on the Gorilla Position podcast, she said: “It’s true, yes." She continued: “I can’t give away too much, because we are very private about our relationship because we respect it.

“It is kind of scary because you’re watching your body transform.

And the whole time your thinking, ‘am I going to be able to get it back to where it was?

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